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04-23-2010, 04:09 PM
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Never mind the fact that the AHL is looking to go into Cornwall for the 11-12 season right? Or that they are literally on an island, the coach is a LX coach, or that because of being on the island fans wont want to pay tolls on top of ticket prices to see hockey. Rome has had a few bites at the apple, Utica has a college team playing in the pro level arena that has an established fan base and the market cornered on advertising in the area. Thousand Islands has 1000 year round residents, and no one is going to drive 40 minutes to Alexandria Bay from Watertown or other areas in the middle of the almost constant blizzard like conditions the area has in January and February. Little to no research went into these markets, there was definitely no feasability study done in advance because there is no set of demographics that would support any of these three areas.

The problem with the "build it and they will come" theory is that it is a theory that has proven to not be reliable on multiple occassions in multiple cities with better demographics. I wish them luck, and I hope for the players sake they have the cash to pay them when the projections dont pan out, unfortunately the EPHL didnt.

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