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09-29-2003, 06:13 AM
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Originally Posted by HiggsFan
First of all, no need to say I've learned as years went by not to believe Ron Fournier's rumors. Most of the time, he's the one who puts up that stuff by himself. Mind you, he's a great radio animator, but as far as I'm concerned, he's not a reliable source for trade rumors and has never been.

Secondly, I won't comment this rumor, unless someone else who heard about this rumor (maybe someone from Philly) could tell who are the other players involved in these speculations. I'm willing to believe Bobby Clarke is trying to trade Primeau, but what do the Habs have to give in this deal? Not much... and Bob Gainey clearly said he'd keep his player core (which includes Koivu, Theodore, Zednik, Bulis, etc). If you don't consider these guys, you wonder what players could Clarke be interested in, since most of them have low value.

No mention of it from Philly. Only articles circulating around here concerning Primeau is that his role has been changed. Hitchcock has gone as far to say that Brashear, Primeau & Kapanen will assume a third line role and go up against the opposing teams top lines. Hitchcock was quoted as saying that this lone has been etched in stone.