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04-24-2010, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
I keep seeing people say big game tonight. It's a 2PM game for us. Just don't want anyone missing it.
Applause... big game TODAY, sports fans. Let's get our minds and livers in gear here.

Thursday night was dreadful. Unforgivable. There is no excuse for the way the team played that night. We HAVE to come out hard today. If we don't start taking the body and making it next to impossible to Chicago to set up early this game is over. If Chicago scores in the first ten minutes, this game is as good as done. I used to be skeptical or negative for good mojo, but I truly believe this is how it'll be. The teams have felt one another out. They know what to expect. Chicago knows if they can go for the kill early they can nearly negate (a-a-a-alliteration!!) our team strategy. The first period will show which team is dictating the play, and if we aren't that team I think we will be hanging them up after game six.

We have nearly an entire team of hard-nosed, hard-hitting hockey players. There is absolutely no reason we shouldn't be stepping on the ice with bad intentions this afternoon. (p.s. "bad intentions" is NOT meant to imply intent to injure. Just intent to royally **** people up)

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