Thread: Post-Game Talk: still wanna fire Homer?
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04-24-2010, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I never said that blasting him for the Randy Jones situation was wrong. Holmgren messed up, and that was obvious. Everyone saw it coming.
So, Holmgren has proven to be egregiously stupid. How about last year when he butchered our salary cap situation and gutted all of the depth on the team in the spring, so that our only deadline acquisition was to give up a 2nd and Upshall for Carcillo in a salary dump that failed to work (remember, we had an ATO defenseman on the ice for the goal that cost us home ice in the first round)?

Why doesn't someone make a FULL list of every decision Holmgren has made since his arrival here, and examine them including the players?
Hey, you're a kind of professional hockey writer covering the Flyers... why don't you do that? That sounds like an article...this is a message board for discussion, not researched articles.

One I would LOVE to hear you justify is the trade for Steve Eminger and the resulting trades that followed.

To Flyers: Steve Eminger (RFA AT THE TIME!!!!) and 3rd (Jacob Deserres)
To Caps: 1st (John Carlson)

To Tampa (not even 4 months later): Steve Eminger, Steve Downie, + 4th
To Flyers: Matt Carle (definite cap problem because he was fit on LTIR space), SJ's 3rd (Simon Bertilsson)

To recap, Homer traded in a period of 4 months:

1st (John Carlson), Steve Downie (now a 20 goal scorer), 4th


Matt Carle, Simon Bertilsson, and Jacob Deserres

A series of deals that directly led to serious cap problems and ended up costing us depth at forward and D, and Carcillo wasn't remotely close to being the player then that he's developed into this season...

This is just one example. We can get into the Lupul contract situation at another time, if you'd like.

This thread is all about crying, complaining, and thinking there is someone out there who is going to hand us the Stanley Cup every year because we deserve it. Little kids don't cry as much as this board.
If it's that bad, leave.

There is no real analysis or back and forth here.
Well, disagree completely... but also appreciate it when you don't believe any critical analysis is legitimate analysis. Just crying. That's the problem with being a massive homer.

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