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OG89's Draft (2010 Free Agency Thread)

Rules to Free Agency (*Please Read!!*)

- Free Agency begins July 1st, 10:00 AM ET
- There will be a re-signing phase from June 28th - June 30th
- I will be hiring agents outside of this league to negotiate with on contracts
- Players 37 years of age and up can only be offered 1 year contracts, this limits risk to players retiring before the contract ends in this league because you DO have to pay that cap hit against the cap if a player retires.
- The highest term on contracts you can offer is 5 years.. I highly doubt this league will be around for more than that and I also dont like people using ridiculous amounts of term on contracts to make it more appealing for agents
- NTC's and NMC's can be offered in contracts. If you sign a player with a NTC, and than later trade him, I will put all the teams into a randomizer and pick the top 10 that came out, if the team you traded the player to shows up in one of those 10 teams, the player will waive the NTC. For NMC's, you cannot buyout/waive the player at all and I will do the same thing for the NTC's if you want to trade that player.
- Max cap is 11,300,000 for signing a player
- There is no signing bonuses in contracts, it's completely useless for this league since only Entry Level bonuses count against the cap
- You can sign players that were undrafted or come from Europe. (EX - Jaromir Jagr can be offered a contract) I will be handling the undrafted players/Europe contract offers.
- Absolutely NO tampering. This means don't offer contracts to agents before Free Agency begins, they will let me know. If you do, you lose your 1st round Entry Pick the next season
- When you have agreed to a contract with the agents, post it in this thread
- You can also hand out offer sheets on RFA's.. I will be handling those players also, please beware there is a compensation for these contracts (which will be posted later on)

- If you sign a player to an offer sheet, the team will have 1 week to match.


Slava Kozlov
Jere Lehtinen
Mika Pyorala
Raitus Ivanans
Martin Skoula
Vesa Toskala
Yann Danis
Darcy Tucker
Brad Winchester
Eric Boulton
Darryl Sydor
Owen Nolan
Jody Shelly
Matt Hendricks
Jed Ortmeyer
Shane Hnidy
Ray Emery


994,433 and below = no compensation
$994,434 to $1,506,716 = 3rd round pick
$1,506,717 to $3,013,434 = 2nd round pick
$3,013,435 to $4,520,150 = 1st and 3rd round pick
$4,520,151 to $6,026,867 = 1st, 2nd, 3rd round pick
$6,026,868 to $7,533,584 = 2 1sts, 2nd, 3rd round pick
$7,533,585 and above = 4 1st rounders

PlayerCurrent TeamTeam OfferingCap HitTermCompensationDate to Match 
Jack Skille1,350,0002 years2011 3rd round pickEXPIRED 
Cal Clutterbuck2,500,0003 years2011 2nd round pickEXPIRED 
Teddy Purcell950,0002 yearsNoneEXPIRED 
Ben Eager1,000,0002 years2011 3rd round pickEXPIRED 
Matt Niskanen1,750,0002 years2011 2nd round pickEXPIRED 

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