Thread: Post-Game Talk: still wanna fire Homer?
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04-24-2010, 02:21 PM
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Every single team has holes on it when there is a cap.

Reading this thread, you would think that there exists people capable of building a team without any holes, and that they could do so without making a few mistakes. That person must also be able to accurately predict whether or not players will get injured, whether players will improve, or whether they will regress. Any miscalculation on any of these fronts, whatsoever, is grounds for removal. Every trade must work out in such a way that their team "won". If the coach is the problem, this must be identified immediately and a change must be made. If you do not win the Stanley Cup, your GM probably should be fired. 29 teams each year had a crappy GM.

Of course, I have exaggerated a bit here, but the point remains: every GM has made mistakes, and every team has holes. I do not see how one could justify firing Holmgren based on his body of work. To all of the people who wish to see him go after the season, I ask a few questions:
1. Does your feelings on the matter change if the Flyers make the Finals?
2. What team has a GM that hasn't made any mistakes, or a GM who managed to build a team without any holes on it?
3. Who is available? Is the grass always greener on the other side? Is there not a possibility that changing the GM will leave the team worse off? After all, the same person who hired Holmgren would be doing the hiring of his replacement.

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