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04-24-2010, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
I've baked roller hockey and ice hockey skates at home and never had an issue. You're not baking them at a temp high enough to do any damage to the skates, you're not even at the boiling point of water. People who tell you not to bake them at home have more money than sense. I have kids and wouldn't do anything to damage their skates but I have done many pairs and never had a single issue or skate failure.
The one time something does go wrong you are voiding the warranty.

I don't see how telling somebody not to pay $20-40 dollars equates to having more money than sense. Or that if you do it wrong and the skates are burned you've wasted $150.

It could be the holder melting or the eyelets ripping because you're pulling at the wrong angle. Lots of variables. Also, wiith this model skate, there's no advantage of baking the skate. There's no material that is thermoformable. We're not talking about a One95 or similar skate that is manufactured with the intent that it will be baked.

You might have not had any issues, but I've seen MANY people who have. And we tell them there's nothing we can do because they've voided their warranty.

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