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02-25-2005, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by trentmccleary
Your list is small because these players don't get press, not because there are few of them.
Also, are you only considering one-way defensive D-men? Because that would servely limit your list even more.

Do you watch baseball? Because I see somewhat of a similar trend there as I do in hockey. 20 years ago, Pokey Reese might have been an All-Star SS and now he can't get a starting role. Why is that? ... Because offensive players are now required to learn defense and one-way defensive players aren't as valuable as they used to be.

Craig Ludwig in his generation was much more valuable than Jackman should ever be in his.
Very fair point (especially considering Pokey Reese, since a friend of mine's a huge fan of his). Considering defensively-sound players first. As much as O d-men have to learn defense as well, I don't thing the read on plays is better than a player like Foote, Pronger, Jonsson. It's a "compliment-type" role to the offense, using my Aucoin/Jonsson pairing earlier as example. Aucoin would not have been in the running for the Norris last year if KJ wasn't his defenseman. KJ basically has made Aucoin into a marquee defenseman, when as little as three years ago Aucoin was looked at as "average".

I find that strong positional defenseman with edge and great hockey sense can make an average offensive defenseman look like Paul Coffey offensively. That's why I feel that it's harder to find a player like Jackman than say a Hamrlik or Aucoin.

Once again, absolutely nothing against Markov and only seeing him 20 times a year does limit my perspective on his defensive prowess, etc. Just lumping him into the o-man category due to limited viewing of him.

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