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02-25-2005, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by andora
don't be so pro montreal players either...

souray is a fine dman, if he's healthy. bulis is a solid third liner and could be more if he'd hit the net.. those are two big ifs on your side as well... markov is a good player, i see lots of habs games and i like him, don't get me wrong (is it just me, or is he really good at keeping the puck in at the offensive blueline)...

i don't think it's all dandy to start labelling everyone a homer this and homer that when you're building up your own players a little unfairly as well.. i mean there isn't a big enough gap between markov&bulis or souray&bulis vs jackman anyway to start throwing around homer...

if the deal was markov, komisarek and kostitsyn maybe, but there's hardly a gap here imo
i'm not being pro montreal, Souray has as many question marks as Jackman right now, both have had 1 good season, I realize that Souray is older and has been injured more, but the fact remains that both players currently owe their reputation of what they are now, to 1 good season, right?

There as as much if's with Jackman as their are with Souray, you can't deny that, as for Markov, yes he's very good at keeping the puck in, (i'm actually glad you said that, it's little things like this he does that goes unnoticed by many)...

I just want to make sure I got your post correct before I go on...deep breath

You think there's hardly a gap between...

Markov, Komisarek and Kostitsyn

For Jackman?

Or were you referring to the homer thing?

Either way, IMO, and I don't think i'm being pro habs when I say this, as I like every player that's been mentionned in this trade offer, but markov&bulis or souray&bulis for Jackman is a steal....for St-Louis

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