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04-25-2010, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
Yes, they can be baked

Under the features tab.

Guess you're not the expert you claim to be and why I'll save my $20 - $40 and do it myself.
I never said you cannot bake these skates. Did you actually read either of my posts? I said there's not much of an advantage to doing so. They're "heat moldable" in that they are able to be baked, but there's not thermoformable material in the ankles and other areas like higher end skates. You're basically just warming the skate up and making it malleable. Pretty much any skate can be baked, but not all skates need to be.

I didn't say you couldn't do it at home. You can do many things at home. Plumbing, electrical work, simple surgery. But something I don't recommend doing at home because if something goes wrong the risk might not be worth it.

You do know that now if ANYTHING goes wrong with your skate, the manufacturer doesn't have to do anything. Regardless of whether it has to do with baking or not. Broken chassis? You baked it yourself, warranty void. Wheels splitting? Warranty void.

If you want to bake them at home and save money, go for it. BUT you are also voiding your warranty. And if you buy them from a shop this isn't even an issue because it should be free.


To reiterate my point to the OP. It sounds like your problems might be better solved by having the areas punched out. Basically the skate is put on a rack and the padding is compressed and area is added at the troublesome area. Should cost about $5.
If the pain is directly at the front of your ankle it might be lace-bite. This can be alleviated by doing a few things. Try a different lacing pattern. Or you can buy something like this:
Sell a lot of these to hockey players. Used them myself. They work well.

I've also seen guys take their skates to cobblers who have a lot more tools to augment the tongue. They can add foams, felts, pads, etc. I'd try lacing then whatever is going to be least expensive.


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