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04-25-2010, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by rinkrat22 View Post
not to stir the pot, but I would ask if technique is less important than curve, how do you suppose a guy goes up stairs on their backhand?
Really? Technique IS how you go top-shelf on the backhand. I've been using a P92 for years. It's a big open curve that lends itself to going upstairs with ease on a wrist shot. Not a very good curve for backhand passing/shooting, but I go roof with backhands all day long because I know how to shoot one. It's entirely technique and has nothing to do with the curve. Shooting is 95% technique and than you get 5% fine tuning by finding the perfect curve for your game. Anyone who blames a curve for their poor shot (after having a chance to adjust to the curve - sure, changing curves can throw you off for a minute) hasn't mastered that shot. Anyone who says "man, I got this new stick but the curve sucks for wristers; I can't go top shelf" just has a crappy wrister. A good hockey player can go top shelf, repeatedly, with a straight flat curve.

Also, I'm sorry OP, but I have to laugh when you keep calling yourself a "dangler" yet you can't roof a puck from in close. People labeling themselves with NHL 2010 pedigrees are too funny. If you haven't yet gotten good enough that you can roof a puck from the top of the crease consistently than you should worry less about what "style" of player you are and more about practicing the skills that will PREVENT you from pigeon-holing yourself as such a specific type of player. Practice, is the only way you will ever finish consistently when you dangle your way to the front of the net and no curve will change that. Learn to roof the puck, like many have already said, by shooting from all around the top of the crease. Learn to take a better slap shot and fire a one timer.

Don't be in a rush to say "I don't need a slap shot, I'm a dangler". I take it you're a young guy and you say you've only been playing ice hockey for 2 years. You should hone all your skills and not be in a hurry to label yourself just because everyone is labeled as something in the video games. You're playing rec league (most likely); you shouldn't have a specialty - you should be able to do a little of everything. There are curves out there that can act as a crutch for a specific type of shot, but as HF68 mentioned, you'll be better off with a "happy medium" curve that will allow you to do everything efficiently, and should model your game similarly and not look for "easy answers" when you find a skill you haven't polished. Otherwise you'll never improve and you'll be only ever be a "dangler" skating around with a big hook on your stick who can't contribute from anywhere else on the ice. I don't mean to come off as being harsh or judgmental but I played 4 years of NCAA hockey and have known a lot of guys who have been drafted or gone to Europe to play professionally. I am only telling you this because if you want to be the best hockey player you can be (and you obviously do, or you wouldn't be here asking how to roof pucks and improve that skill) than you should understand that all skills are equally important and you have to learn them all through practice, not acquire them by changing your skates or buying a new stick.

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