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04-25-2010, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
Hah, I love how much people rip on MAB and Hamrlik. Without Hammer, we wouldn't be here. And if MAB plays and scores, everyone will love him again like always.
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Dude I have been a big fan of Hamrlik since the minute the ink dried on his contract. I begged the hockey gods for us to sign him that offseason and I was ecstatic we did. Bob finally got something right (cough Samsonov cough Smolinski cough).

However, there's no denying Hamrlik's play has declined sharply since the Olympic Break. He was an absolute monster for us before then, and you're right, without him, we wouldn't be where we are, with Markov out for most of the year and all. But that's changed now, and his play has gone to ****. No longer is he reliable without the puck and in the offensive zone (see two shorthanded goals against), but he looks disinterested out there, like he's not giving it his all.

I hope he regains his motivation and his swagger, because he's been absolutely brutal this postseason, and while yes, we owe him a lot for where we are now, he's also been a reason why we lost our home games. We play for the now and for the future, and if he can't keep up or play better than this, then he should sit. Simple as that. It's not hating or feeling he wasn't serviceable for a good chunk of the year, it's about being realistic: he's been ******** the bed for far too long and it's been costing us this series. Maybe it's old age, or decline, or injury, I dunno, but I sure as hell hope he wakes up, and a game in the pressbox might ignite him, because we can't afford to have him make dumb mistake after dumb mistake uncharaceristically out there.

As for MAB...he's got one measly assist this series and is minus freicking 8. Unacceptable.

They deserved to be ripped because they've contributed nothing to this team the past 5 games and have hurt us more than helped us.

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