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Originally Posted by Gunnar Stahl 30 View Post
I have a supreme samasonov pattern but they only make it for Europe so I can't get it. What is the closest thing to it? What about a lidstrom or getzlaf? I've seen a warrior jovo pattern and it seems really similar.

Pretty much I want a heel curve squeare toe slightly open or neautral face, I think the lidstrom and getzlaf are open faces and I can't shoot with them. My shoot hits class every time as is

thanks in advance
Ya I had that problem too of trying to find one...the Lidstrom/Getzlaf Id say is pretty much identical to it but if you are looking for a Bauer curve the closest you can find normally is the Gagne but no square toe. As for the curves being open....pretty sure the Samsonov/Pronger is open so....

If you got some cash go through BauerID and get a one-piece....but its like 200$ a pop atleast you could get it perfectly to your liking though. If its the Samsonov I have in mind then its the p02 curve also now labeled as Kronwall on their site.

As for shooting high you can honestly learn to control it if you really wanted to, and if you already got that curve its the same as Lids/Getz so you should be use to it.

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