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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
Back in the days before Reebok Edge when CCM and KOHO were not swallowed up there was a consistency with the jerseys and the replicas and authentics were pretty much the same within their class and not even that much crossing over between the two types. The costs were not nearly as much and the upgrade was not nearly as steep. The sports outlets such as Modells and Sports Autority had nice sales and their base casts weren't even so high... and the Flyers shops were not even gouging quite as much. The numbering I believe were uniform size and were double layered and there were no iron ons and no plastic type lettering and numbering. There were no crooked nor bubbled or warped numbers from rush mass production at the Arena store shop.

... And there was not also one other thing... I don't recall all these bootlegged jerseys in the stands nor in the flea markets and on the Web.

Simply put there was no need and therefore no market... ergo there was no problem. People had as many jerseys as they wanted and everyone a authorized manufactured one. People didn't need to go after affordable knock-offs... And the official ones were of better quality and you knew you were getting a decent one at the stores... And most people didn't know if it was an Authentic or a Replica; the strap was the tell-tail thing.

Reebok changed all this and opened the market for the success of black market... IMO, the NHL made their own bed and now must sleep in it, or do what the Habs are doing... Hoping that people don't buy the fakes to turn in to reduce the price of the real ones.
This isn't entirely true. While the market for them is dead now, there were and somewhat still are CCM fakes on the market.

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