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09-29-2003, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by lowetide
The reason I keep bring up Hartnell is that he could give the team a pretty interesing set of top 4 wingers: Smyth, Isbister, Hemsky, Hartnell. A unique blend of size and skill, with a kid who could be a killer.

The Islanders used to do that you know. Gillies-Bossy between Trottier, who was 5'11, and then Goring (5'10 and skinny) between Tonelli and Nystrom. Their third line center was Bob Bourne who was a big man. The difference of course is that Trottier and Goring were demons on the forecheck.

However, you could reasonably have York and another smaller guy centering if Smyth, Hartnell and Isbister and still get a good result.

This might be the last time we get to mention Hartnell in a trade conversation too. He'll break out and be a core player pdq.
The Canucks I think are trying to copy the success of the Islanders - I've been saying that for a while now

You're right about Hartnell, but I think that is part of the reason why I do not believe the Predators would move him just yet. Even for Comrie. The centre situation in Nashville isn't too bad, and while they are looking for scorers, I get the feeling they are looking for veteran scorers they can get cheaper than Comrie.

Poille is a pretty shrewd guy, but he loves physical players who can score (Suter, Harthell, Upshall - for example).

As for the guy who couldn't understand why Legwand is so highly regarded:

The guy plays with Andreas Johansson and Scottie Walker and was on pace to put up 60-some points. Johansson and Walker are okay players, but you and I both know they are not 1st line players. Legwand, I feel, has 80 point potential with a good linemate or two.

But beyond that, Legwand may be Mike Modano redux. Modano himself said that Legwand was the best checking centre he's faced at one point this year. Legwand is a ridiculously good skater, good hands, good shot, better passing, but he is just so good defensivly, even already at his young age. Add that in to his size, his reach (which seems longer than it should be for his height), and the array of moves he can pull 1 on 1, Legwand has superstar upside. The key here again, I feel, is that A) He needs to play an injury free season next year, and B) His linemates MUST be improved upon.

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