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Originally Posted by Habs Fan in NJ View Post
Hey there. I've played inline and ice hockey since I was a little kid, but I quit both teams (same coach for both) when he stopped playing me more than 5-10 minutes per game, after under the 2 previous coaches, got about 25. Well, I can't resist the urge any more, and I want to lace them up again. Last time I went shopping for hockey equipment, I had my dad to buy everything and pick everything for me. Now I have to pay for everything on my own.

What size skates should I be looking at? I wear shoe size 12. If I remember correctly, they shouldn't be bought the same as shoes? Or was that some false thought.

Also, are skates a bad area to save money on? Will my comfort and performance suffer if I get a cheaper pair?

Thanks for any advice.
Coming from someone who just bought 600 bucks worth of brand new equipment, the general rule of thumb is that a size or size and a half down from your shoe size is what you are looking for regarding skate sizing. The best advise anyone can give you is your self and the pro shop employee who is helping you.

When I purchased my skates the employee ensured that my back part of my ankle was as far back as it can go. Then curling my toes up and down skimming the toe area making sure they do not rub against the toe of the shoe in the skate, this will ensure a proper fit. Also make sure you bake your new skates....."the place you are buying em from will know what this is", so they are tighter and mold around your foot.

Hope this helps and welcome back to the greatest sport in the world!

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