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02-25-2005, 10:13 PM
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visors in hockey...

thought this may be a good idea for a thread, i heard some of this buzzing around other placess and i thought id throw it into the mix...

should visors be required in the NHL?
in the minor pro league teams?
shuld cages be required in all 20/18 and under junior leagues?
do you/would you wear a visor, cage if available?

lets hear your thoughts...

i personally think visors should be optional. there are tough guys and veterans out there who choose to not wear a visor, and i think they are responsible for whatever happenes to their face. i think the same in the minor pros. i agree with the juniors and would require cages in 20/18 and under leagues where some players arent mature enough to make a good choice. i, personally like to keep all the protection on my face as i can. one puck in the face is enough for me, thanks. i learn from experience, which is also why i now wear a cup.

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