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04-26-2010, 01:24 AM
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Thank You Vancouver Canucks! Things I learned

Having settled down in the last hour, I'm actually kind of happy the Kings lost to the Canucks. This season met expectations, at least the rational ones, and the Kings were never going to go on a cup run. Because of this, for the Kings to have faced a matchup nightmare in the Canucks was a blessing in disguise. This series exposed the Kings weaknesses and strengths as a team, which I believe will great for Lombardi in helping him decide what to do this offseason. There will be no false illusions about where the Kings are from either the fans or management.

Imagine had the Kings faced a better matchup in the first round and won. You don't think the fans and management would be much more content to do little this offseason?

Also this was the first postseason series I've closely followed in a long long time. I had forgot how intense postseason hockey was. How every shift was an allout grind. It's funny you would think in this type of hockey the elite skills wouldn't show, but they showed even more. Just goes to show you what hockey is really about. Skills. Get more skilled players1

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