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09-29-2003, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by p.l.f.
i doubt detroit needs him.

would the leafs think of going after him?
not my favorite player)

i'd sooner sign berard.

i'm just thinking of D's that might become available shortly...


the leafs would have to trade aki useless for a pick or dump pushor to make room
do the leafs really need Wooley? They do not really need another 5 or 6 guy. Assuming that Klee/Kaberle are the first pair and McCabe/Marchment are the second that leaves Jackman, Pusher, Berg, Carlos, Max K, Hedin, Pilar and Belak fighting for the #6/7 spots. Personelly I would like to see Carlos and Berg in the #5/6 spots and see how that goes. IMO if the leafs are going to bring someone else in it would be someone better to play with McCabe and move Marchment to the #5 spot.

It will not be the strongest defense in the league this season but it will be interesting to see who clicks with who and if any of the young guys can step up.


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