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04-26-2010, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause View Post
I'm not surprised at all. There were too many avenues that the NHL could take to rationalize no suspension. The bottom line is that the NHL doesn't take these things too seriously. And this is human nature. We don't take a lot of things seriously until it's too late: see Earnhardt, Dale.

The biggest issue I have is that there appears to be no serious effort by the NHL to curb dangerous contact of this nature. I would be the first to say that neither Kopecky nor Hossa intended to board. But the bottom line is that they take amazingly unnecessary risks that endangered the lives of players. And neither will be thoroughly punished for it, reinforcing the notion that dangerous plays like this are an acceptable part of the game. And players can rationalize their own behavior because such shoves in the back aren't blatant attempts to injure. And odds are, the opposing team's player will be fine.
And if you combine both your paragraphs, some player will end up like Earnhardt did or pretty close to it. The guys are getting too big and fast for someone not to be severely injured by these types of hits. Eventually someone will be hurt beyond repair or killed.

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