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Originally Posted by ISharkted View Post
Figured I could get some knowledgeable help on here. I have inline skated for a number of years, playing casual, pick-up style inline hockey on what are essentially "aggressive" style street inline skates. Tried on a number of actual inline hockey skates over the years, but they always felt too "floppy" from just above the ankle bone and on up from there. It seems I only feel comfortable playing in "ski boot" style inline skates. Not sure that it matters, but I grew up downhill skiing and inline skating for exercise, not for hockey, maybe it is just familiarity. The fact of the matter is though that I can only skate with any level of effectiveness in hard shell skates.

Onto my ice issue. Over the last few years, bought a pair of Bauer's (actual ice hockey skates), had them fitted, but they were a no go. The footbed fits like a glove, even up to being molded around mid ankle high, but from top of ankle on up they are super floppy. When I go to lean or put any pressure on the outside of the skate it is like my ankle wants to roll over itself. So I quit trying to make it work.

Looking online I saw some Roces sold in the UK, MR-1 or something, that looked like a ski boot style ice skate. Does anyone have any familiarity with ski boot style or inline aggressive style ice skates? I would like to just casually skate and play pick-up hockey for fun with beginners. The ankle issue has made me tentative and I am looking for some advice/input. Thanks!
This isn't a skate issue per say. This is, your ankles not being used to a hockey type boot. You'd have the same problem even the old hardshell hockey skates. The reason is, hockey boots are not designed to go that high up.

I suspect some of these issues are stance and ankle strength. Both of which can be fixed without changing the type of skate you're in.

When looking for skates, look for the highest cut boot you can find. Easton may have the highest cut, but they may not fit your feet correctly. Some Missions may work but they can be hard to come by since they no longer exist.

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