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09-29-2003, 08:50 AM
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my point is this : if a team wants to have more salary than they have revenue, punish them. I read that wang has had to kick in 30-40 mill in the last 3-4 years to keep the team afloat. That is garbage. he should be cutting payroll to the bone like the penguins and building through the draft.

Don't agree. Understand the logic behind that statement but don't agree. If you're cutting down on salary in order to make revenue, you're looking at more than half the league having total payroll of 20 million for one team, 70 for the upper tiers. Those teams that own their arena or live in a place like the Rangers (Manhattan) will still be able to offer huge contracts because the cost of living in those cities are sometimes 2x as much as say the cost of living is in Edmonton. The competition among UFA's is already fierce between the upper echelon teams, so the high salaries will still be there for the Roenicks, Holiks, etc etc etc.

it is now, the islanders are helping to keep salaries too high for every team.

Don't agree. If the Islanders had an arena they owned and were able to keep more of their concessions/parking fee they'd make money. Probably a significant amount more. If the proposed cap is around 45 million, how is a team with a payroll 3 million less helping to promote salaries too high? Isles previous ownership is the reason why the team is still losing money, and they shouldn't be punished for it. If they should, well then the Sabres and Sens should've folded last year.

There is no way a team like the blues should be able to sign a doug weight for 9.5 mill and then lose 40 mill in one year. They are destroying the supply / demand balance in the league.

Someone else would have to field that question, as I don't have enough of a background in the Blues to comment.

If there is no market for high priced players, their salaries will come way down and most teams should be able to turn a profit. The reason for my proposal is that it is unfair to apply a correct salsary cap for edmonton on a big market team like philly. Philly can and deserves to ice a high priced winner so they should be able to spend until it no longer makes economic sense.

Understandeable, but other than Ryan Smyth what Oiler would stay in Edmonton when teams like Philly, Rangers, Stars and Leafs can offer double the salary while also showing those would-be players that they will always be in the hunt for the Cup (Rangers obviously in theory)?

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