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04-26-2010, 12:02 PM
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Here's how I feel about the series at this point:

We have all had our hearts ripped out from Game 5. We haven't ever experienced a moment more excruciating than the ending of that game. We were so close to the biggest win in team history and just like that it's gone. We now have two options. One, we roll over like a team that expects to lose and knows Chicago has momentum. Or two, we man up and play like a team with 100 points and we go back into our building and show them that we essentially beat them Saturday and we're gonna beat them again. Show that it was a fluke that will never happen again. Get angry. Get furious. Take back the joy they got from that debacle. Everyone is quick to say "oh we're screwed now.", or "that was our chance". Well, there's nothing to say that if we would've won Game 5 that Chicago wouldn't have come out firing on all cylinders and taken it to us so fast we didn't know what hit us, then we're right back in a Game 7 scenario. This team has been known for being resilient all season long and this can be just another chapter in that book. In March when we lost at San Jose by giving up 6 third period goals we turned around and won 7 straight games. That was the turning point of the season. Let's make this the turning point of the playoffs.

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