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04-26-2010, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
Perhaps another GM can't fix Holmgren's mistakes, but I'd feel a lot more comfortable with another GM making the tough decisions rather than leaving them to Holmgren who in my mind is not a good GM.

I think this team would benefit from a fresh set of eyes to make the decisions going forward. Unfortunately I think we're stuck with Holmgren for now because the first round win saved his job.
Like I said before, any new GM they bring in would have the same set of expectations that Homer has had. Even the best GMs with an excellent "get-well" plan won't be able to use it because their plan is not realistic to upper management's view of things.

What we could hope for is the if they did go the new GM route, that new GM could sit down and explain to upper management that teams like the Pens, Caps, etc needed a couple years before they could become highly competitive.

The sad truth is that the Flyers probably could have put a decent team on the ice in 2007-08 without Briere, Hartnell, Lupul, etc etc. Probably could have even made the playoffs. Out of all the guys they overpaid and gave NTC to, Timonen was the only acceptable addition. I could even live with Briere if the contract was only 5 years.

Not giving a complete excuse for Homer, but his decisions are from a straight and narrow view of "WIN NOW! WIN NOW! REBUILDING FOR EVEN ONE YEAR IS UNACCEPTABLE!"

If your boss was asking for immediate results in production NOW, are you honestly going to come back at him with a line such as "we must invest in research and capital before expecting dividends?"

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