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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Graf seems to be dwindling in popularity. I'm not sure how big they ever were, but almost all the guys I know play in Bauer, Easton, Reebok, or CCM. Graf doesn't really spend a lot of money pushing their product with a ton of advertising, flashy design, and introducing new models every year. For the most part, their skates don't have a lot of new technology and features, and that turns a lot of people off.

What they do right is make a good quality skate that seems to last a good long time. Most guys I know in Grafs have them for years and years. When I bought mine, several guys dropped off skates to get them sharpened and gave me a thumbs up on buying a pair. They also are the only manufacturer to offer a variety of different fits at the same level of quality, which is baffling because everyone has a unique foot shape and squeezing them into an average size boot won't work for most people.
That may have something to do with the product coming out of Graf Canada. They don't have a very good rep quality wise and their customer service is less then spectacular.

My personal opinion to why they are dwindling, they always seem to be late to the party. They aren't putting out a new line or updating their current models every few years. It's like they do it when they absolutely have to. Their holders don't help things much either. It's a turn off when you see the same old Graf skates year after year when everyone else is putting out something that cutting edge.

To the OP. In the groups I skate with, not one player in Graf's. Right now the popular brands are Bauer and Easton (had an all Easton line last night), with a few CCM's and Reebok's spread about.

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