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04-26-2010, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by GopherState View Post
No, you answered your own question. Although I don't agree with overpaying for goaltending because fifth through twentieth is essentially the same, you don't sell low and set a bad precedent in the future. Buy low, sell high and continue to have good asset management.

I maybe didn't communicate what I was getting at very well...

I didn't mean go shop him right now neccesarily and try to get rid of him for anything we can get, I meant more along the lines of just feeling out Backstrom to see if & for who he'd waive his no trade clause for.

Even tho he had a bad season, You never know what kind of offers we may start getting if a few teams know he's available...

Like I said in the OP, it's all hypothetical anyways, but my point is that it may be nice to know that the NTC is something that we're able to break if the right offer comes along. If our message to the other 29 teams is, "Backstrom is ours, he has a NTC, so don't even ask", we're obviously not going to get many feelers. But if our message is "He/we may be able to waive his NTC if the right offer comes along" who knows what kind of trade options we may get...

As for the Harding part, as a follow up question, I was just asking if people would have faith in him as our starter...

I guess another question I could / should ask is, if a player has a NTC to other teams still inquire about said player or is that a big red flag that says "don't even ask"? I'm curious as to how that all works.

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