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09-29-2003, 08:23 AM
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Bruins System & Style

A question for those of you that have been able to get to some of the pre-season games (as well as a general inquiry)...

How do you see the system the Bruins are looking to adopt shaping up? Any references you could compare it to? Jersey with the forecheck and trapping, Detriot with the puck control, etc...

Additionally, being in Europe and only getting an occassional game on the BBC when I get into London, I was hoping someone could shed some light onto the Bruins' style and character these days - I grew up watching them - 80's & early 90's (on the Cape at the time) and have a recollection of a strong, hard hitting, and balanced team where people had "roles" and filled them appropriately. I haven't seen a Bruins game is quite some time now and was wondering if the team image (of itself and to the other teams) is still the same - mean & lean.? If not, what are your thoughts on it's current playing style and image.

Can the Bruins get back to this style of play with their current roster? What are we missing to strike fear into the opponents and is it in the 3 year plan (assuming the head office has one.)?

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