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04-27-2010, 12:30 AM
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Originally Posted by rban View Post
Winning the Cup is often about luck. It is often about the third best team coming out of a Conference because Number 1 and 2 played each other for 7 games and knocked the stuffing out od each other.. and whomever emerged had no energy, lotsa injuries, and easy prey for Number 3.
The Leastern conference biggest advantage: Teams coming out the much superior West have to play through Hell to make it to the finals.
Originally Posted by rban View Post
Sure Canucks versus Hawks will be entertaining, but as a Nuck fan do you wanna be entertained or just win?
And the smart answer is: just win. Who's cares how, just do it.
Originally Posted by rban View Post
This is the worst possible matchup for Vancouver. Chicago will either beat em or exhaust them. Chicago is a real superpower of the West and it would've been far far better for Vancouver if Chicago had managed to get matched up against Sharks or Wings in the 2nd round, and exhausted themselves getting thru to the 3rd round.
I couldn't agree more. The Sharks, Phoenix, and Wings should be rejoicing. None of the possible matchups on that side of the bracket will have anywhere near the level of blood feud the Canucks and Hawks series will produce.

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