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04-27-2010, 02:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
I disagree.

I don't think either one has very much value. This is more a deal of two bad contracts.

The Kings might do it because they have a major hole on defense and they are looking at paying someone 4+ a year to be the #3 d-man anyways, so why not add Souray and unload Smyth's bad contract.

The Oilers might do it because Smyth is still very popular there, they need some good PR after this disaster of a season and he could be a good mentor to their young forwards.

I think the biggest stumbling block to this deal would be Smyth's NTC. I think Smyth knows he probably has 2 years left and would love to win a Cup. Don't see the Oil being contenders anytime soon.

Could care less about the other guys, but I think Parse is gone if this is true. To bad, I really think he could be a 15-20 goal guy who could fill in on a scoring line in a pinch.
First of all Ryan Smyth has a no trade clause. He is not waiving it to go back to an awful Oiler team. Ryan Smyth's value is very high, and very few people in the league have the hand eye coordination and positioning he does around the crease. Souray's best asset is a big shot, but it comes with a bunch of baggage right now (contract, injuries, +-..). You all have to be high in thinking DL is going to clean house to get a guy like Kovalchuk on this team.

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