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04-27-2010, 05:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Oh thank you I had forgotten that one. That was both unsportsmanlike, and compared to the OB call, was actually a full blatant interference as AK was nowhere near the puck, whereas the OB call had to be judged as the Caps player had possession of the puck just moments before getting checked.

Think of when Markov got hit from behind by a cross-check, right into Halak, unsportsmanlike, and cross-check and interference on Markov. Nothing called.

People are clueless.
Don't forget when we had all kinds of pressure in the Caps end in the third, and the play was whistled down on a phantom high stick and brought all the way down to the Montreal end for a faceoff. I also thought there have been a few missed offside calls this series, but I'm willing to let those slide because usually the linesmen are pretty good and it's easy to make a mistake with how fast the game is.

After watching that debaucle last night, I'm convinced the refs have been told to give every advantage possible to Washington. It just makes too much $$ sense to the league to have Washington get through than Montreal. I'd also be interested in game 7 of Detroit/Phoenix to see how they call that.

Call me crazy all you want, but that joke of a game last night just reinforces my views of the "new" NHL. A complete joke of a league. Reminds me of WWF wrestling.

Go Habs Go - stick it to the league.

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