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04-27-2010, 11:01 AM
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Sounds like the skate is too loose actually. I lost both of my toenails last year hiking (my toes hit the end of my hiking boots a bunch of times on my descent down a mountain). I would google something like "lost toenail hiking".....There were a bunch of articles and posts about it...Some people suggested I go to a pharmacy and get some lambs wool and stuff it into the toe of my hiking boot so that there's a barrier in between my nails and the shoe.....Other people suggested tying your shoes twice - once in the middle and once at the top where they lace up....That would prevent your foot sliding around in your skate as well.

The long term solution is probably getting different skates though...

Also - for the question about covering up your toe....There's some products out there from pharmacies if you look hard enough that will be little cloth covers for your entire toe/finger that are made to help ya....some of them are even medicated.......I would go to a store like Walgreens or some other place that has a big pharmacy and wide selection. I wasn't able to find those types of products in the small stores.

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