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Originally Posted by Bonzai
For the forwards I definitely see Verot and Henry getting cut. I think the real battle is between Pettinger and Peat. Pettinger brings skill, speed and chipiness while Peat brings, well, we know what Peat brings. I still haven't decided who I'd rather see on the roster.

As for the defense, I think that the battle for the last spot is between Berry and Gruden. Like with the forward battle, these two guys bring different things to the table. It's up to management to decide whether they want finesse, skating and transition or physicality. Personally, I think we tried the finesse with Kiwi last year and it didn't work, so seeing as this is an experimental season anyway, why not try sacrificing a little bit of mobility for toughness. I say put in Berry over Gruden, although I think Gruden will make the team and Berry will be stuck in purgatory as te 7th dman.

So it looks as if the team will be:

Gordon-Sutherby-Peat (not sure who will play center between Gordon and Suts)


You make some good points, but let me point to a couple of things
The forward battle is probably not between Pettinger and Peat. Its probably more like between Pettinger and Gordon. The Caps will keep one of the fighters regardless. I think it will be Peat, but they will keep one. I think they will dress him based on which 4th line they want to play. more on that to come........
I think Gruden is kept as the Caps 7th defenseman. He has played well and is 33 years old. He can better deliver his best game after not playing for 10 games than a young guy can.
the 4th line plan. i think the caps will have 2 4th lines that they will choose from. One will be a 3rd scoring line that they can throw out there against low grade 3rd pairs and 4th lines. the other will be a more physical 4th line.

1. Semin(or Miller)-Nylander-Jagr
2. Grier-Lang-Zubrus
3. Konowalchuk-Halpern-Bondra
4. Miller(or Semin)-Sutherby-Gordon/Sutherby-Whitfield-Peat
1. Gonchar-Boumedienne
2. Witt-Eminger
3. Doig-Berry
scratch Gruden
pp 1st unit
pp 2nd unit
Semin-Lang-Konowalchuk(Grier)-Gonchar-Halpern(seems to be Cassidy's new idea)
pk pairs
pk d
how does that sound?>?

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