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09-29-2003, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Pure Slaughter Value[B
There is no way a team like the blues should be able to sign a doug weight for 9.5 mill and then lose 40 mill in one year. They are destroying the supply / demand balance in the league.[/B]

Someone else would have to field that question, as I don't have enough of a background in the Blues to comment.
Just to fill you in. The Blues were a middle of the road NHL salary wise team from 98-01 and they had an excellent record. In 01-02 their salary structure jumped about 15 million in 02-03 it went up another 5 million or so. They are still an excellent team and a text book example of a team getting good and the salaries increaseing.

The problem is that they've had almost no play-off succuess after their salary structure increased so they aren't getting the extra couple million a round that some teams have. So now you've got a team that spends like a contender and plays like a contender during the regular season but dosn't get much in the way of play-off money.

As a result the Blues are a team that's claiming that they lose about 20 million a year. It's not hard to beleive that this is true because if you figure St. Louis was breaking even between 98-01 they've basically added 20 million in salary and not increased their income (play-off succuess) at all.

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