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09-29-2003, 08:57 AM
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Can Someone help me for a second?

Can awe add up the Leafs payroll from last year and compare it to this year? I'm not sure of the exact figures or what the players are/were making but I'm curious.

Wesley - 2.2 (I think but wanted 3-3.5)
Svhela - $4 Mill
Hoglund -
Lumme -
Gilmour - 1 Mill (They expected him to take a large pay cut)

Nieuwendyk - 2.0-2.5 Mill
Klee - 1.5 Mill
Pushor -
Marchment - 2 Million

Antropov -
McCabe -
Can someone please fill in these holes for me? I can't find any thing else on it. I'm just curious to see how much payroll the Leafs actually "added" to their roster. We also have to add Nolan on there but you can argue that he was set in last years price lines, the same can be said for Wesley (since they tried to sign him) So, what have the leafs actually done to their spending?


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