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04-27-2010, 02:28 PM
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I was actually thinking about getting a harrow two piece. How do you like them?
I've posted about them enough in here, other posters will groan about me blowing Harrow again.

Best stick I have used, very very durable well balanced and great fantastic puck feel. harrow opted for being a little heavier than other expensive sticks but sacrficed that for puck feel purposes in their design.

I'm pretty comnvinced if someone tries one they will like their sticks. if someone is used to an ultra light $200+ stick probably not.

I play defense and block slapshots, stick whack, skate whack etc and the stuff stays together, good enough for me. Not mention I shoot rockets with them and the sweet spot is consistent.

That's about it I guess, other than having to mail order as most stores do not carry them they are great. My local shop stopped carrying them after he switched to paying his money to Bauer for inventory. These bigger companies extend better prices and are obviously more popular and that is just how it is.

Word of mouth goes a long way however and because of that i will never buy a $200+ stick that will break just looking at it because it is so thin in materials. I spend about $140 for a 2 piece Harrow and after a year and half have broken 1 Harrow blade playing at least twice a week. They get an A+++ rating from me.

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