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04-27-2010, 04:10 PM
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Cool. But I understand your point. More goals are scored against when Grebs is on the ice compared to most NHL defenders. I get that. Whether that will hold true away from Edmonton, we'll see.

The only difference is it's silly to call that cost, when what counts is the net cost. (I pretty much do this stuff for a living, in operations analysis, and also in some statistics for mechanical engineering, and we rarely give a crap about total, only the net) As I said, if you want to say that a total is the cost, then every defender costs you goals. And obviously, what counts is whether they cost you more or less then the other guy you'd plug in there. And we already see, even without adjusting for his offense, or adjusting for the 30% or so higher goals against for Edmonton versus Nashville, Grebs is only behind Bouillon by about half a goal per game. Not one goal. And once you make some reasonable adjustments for how Edmonton was worse than Nashville this year on defense (several defenders worse than Grebs plus/minus of -16 ! Yikes!) etc. it's closer.

See you later, thanks for the numbers. Looking forward to your later response as I really enjoy trying to evaluate with numbers, maybe between us we can decide whether he is awesome or trash, lol. I used to have the puck prospectus (or a similar site) evaluation of defenders, but can't find it now since I had a hard drive crash a few weeks back. Grebs came out well last year and crappy this year if I remember right, lol.

So, which is the real Grebs? Last years guy Edmonton loved, or this years guy who Edmonton fans screamed about?

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