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04-27-2010, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
Wow, you're so awesome bro. Good for you.

Did I ever say anything about a silver spoon? No, I said some had the OPPORTUNITY, which you gave yourself...great.
You implied it. To deny you did is a joke.

You were able to do something that some others may not have had the opportunity to do. I'm not going to argue, but not everyone would be able to do it if they wanted (and its not personal, I played as a kid).
I grew up in the inner city and had a number of friends who didn't have a father and their mothers struggled to make ends meet, but they all found ways to play hockey.

If there is a will, there is a way.

What about the kid that did not have uncles or parents that played and no hand-me-downs? What about the guy who is 40 years old now and as a kid lived in an area that didnt have any rink or hockey presence at all? What about the kid that didnt have a backyard to build his rink?
I coached in the "Hockey in the Hood" program and know all about the struggles you are trying to portray, and all of the kids in the program found a way to play hockey, even if it was just on the street.

I think I know more about the people you are trying to describe, than you do. I grew up as one and then coached them. So I have first hand knowledge of what I speak about.

Do you?

Sounds like you didnt have a silver spoon, but still had an awesome opportunity, great for you.
I made my opportunity and didn't expect things from people... I worked hard to get all of my gear and even harder to develop my skills.

Opportunities come to those who work for them. Period.

Some just need to come down off their high horses and get a grip on reality for some people.

Of course practice and technique will always be the right answer. But some dont have the opportunity to practice...period. Some play and know the basics but may just want a bit of an edge. No one here can argue that an open blade does not make it EASIER to lift the puck. Maybe that is all he wants, something to work with his current technique to make it easier. Why cant people just get off their soapboxes and answer a damn question?
There is always an opportunity to practice. Or perhaps the people you speak of can't find a slab of cement to shoot pucks at a wall or fence?

They can't afford $30 used rollerblades to practice skating?

Again, excuses.

No one in this thread was on their high horse. They stressed that shooting is a learned technique, which it is. Too many people want to take the lazy route and think there is a magic pill you can buy to give you a better shot or better skating.... doesn't exist.

Those skills only come from tons and tons of practice.

And finally, the OPs question was answered several times. If he uses the tips I gave him and others, he will be well on his way - if he practices it over and over.

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