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Originally Posted by Heat McManus View Post
Because he said, "If you want to check out Grafs"

WSS is the best Graf dealer in the area. One of the reasons their selection is smaller is BECAUSE they choose to stock pretty much all the Graf models.

He didn't put a gun to his head and demand he go to the city.
i get that, but would you care to tell me what graf skates are available for $200 let alone $150 retail (not even including the price mark-up wss has due to being a niche dealer and the expense of being in manahattan)?

so i'll say it again, why bother going into the city(just to see 1 brand of skate no less) when you can go to a closer lhs with a great fitter in Peter, or a place like ice vault that has an excellent variety of selection...and i'm also not even including 2-3 other decent to above average lhs's closer than wss.

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