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Originally Posted by <Mr Jiggyfly> View Post
You mean like this:
Actually, I was never singling you or anyone else out, but since you ask, this is what I mean:

I use a 3/4 curve and still roof it on the backhand, because I know the technique for doing it. It took hours of practice and doing it over and over again until I was sick of it... then when i was sick of it I did it over and over and over and over...

I can pick up a stick with any type of curve and shoot exactly the same both forehand and backhand.... because I practiced my shooting fundamentals over and over and over...

I only care about the curve on my stick for stickhandling, period.
Again, no one is arguing the practice point, but not everyone can spend hours doing it.

You dont say how old you are, but I'm guessing you're still fairly young. What you describe in the inner city was not around 30 years ago, when some people on this board grew up playing. Additionally, some dont have the time or, dare I say it, DESIRE, to spend hours a day practicing their game these days. Some have families that are more important to them than a game they might play once every couple of weeks. For some, hockey is NOT life.

For those, I dont see the harm in asking for advice on a particular curve that might give them a little help. You can rant all day long about how they need to spend all this time practicing, well, some dont want to. Some enjoy the game like they enjoy picking up a basketball and shooting a few hoops on the weekend.

You're right, where there is a will there is a way, but guess what, in the real world that most people live in, that will is not that great. For that guy, give him an open wedge blade so he can chip it in when up close with his limited skills and technique so he can have a good time. And dont tell us about all your accomplishments and how your will to be good is so much greater than the rest of us and how you overcame all your difficulties to become the star player you are today in your beer league.

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