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04-27-2010, 04:53 PM
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The Cat's post mortum, and revival.

Dear friends, this is not a day of tears but a time to scream hallelujah! We have seen a team proclaimed dead before they were born rise to the playoffs! The meek of poverty has risen to the glory.....

Yeah this preacher Schick was getting too tiresome. Here's the deal. Change is coming. But before then let's look at the year passed.

Patric "jävla" Hornqvist 30 Goals. Damn.

Colin Wilson Played like a rookie in the playoffs but played like a man in the regular season.

Let's take a look at the teams that tried to OUTSPEND the Preds only to watch them OUTPOINT their team.

Buffalo, Colorado, Ottawa, Boston, St. Louis, Calgary, Anaheim, Philly, Montreal, Dallas, NY Rags, Minny, ATL, Carolina, TB, CBJ
Florida, Toronto, Edmonton

All but the Yotes and the Islanders spent less than Nashville. The Yotes shocked the hell out of everyone.

As for next year here's the deal.

Based on the math and the estimates on the RFA's you guys are pretty good at guessing at. The Nashville Predators are going to have to lose a 4.5 million dollar guy to make the self imposed 45 million cap. Just no way around it. Dumont is not the choice. He's still younger than Sully and Arnott and Dumont has been the team leader in points if you look at the past five years for the Preds. Sully showed me something in the playoffs. Pure and simple I saw the flashes of the old SUlly and I was highly impressed. I was the first one to say 'Don't sign Sully!' and for most of the regular season I was right but this off season he impressed the hell out of me.

Which leaves Arnott. Who I simply can't defend at all. because of my east coast exile I can't can't most of the games on TV and I'm kinda glad game six was blacked out because this cat would have been barfing up MORE than a hairball. The team sucked and frankly Arnott was mopey not leading. I think he knew he's a dead man walking.

Most will say that Arnott is the captain. But let's face it. Nashville always, ALWAYS drafts character players and if Arnott goes there are 2 or 3 players waiting in the wings to lead; Legwand, Suter, Weber.

Colin Wilson is ready for 1st line minutes. It's time to begin the chemistry experiment of Wilson-Hornqvist+ winger to be named later.

As for the power play, well, if Arnott were to go I have a radical idea. See if Geoffrion can play.

WHAT? The road to Nashville begins in Milwaukee! Yup, you are all right.....guess where Geoffrion is right now? Milwaukee. Even if he plays the first two weeks to a month in Milwaukee next year he COULD and I say COULD be the solution for the power play.

1) This says he lead the nation in power play goals while playing a boat load of PK time as well.

2) Geoffrion may be destined for wing but he's another player who can play center. His FO% in the National Championship game was phenomenal.

Here's the Cat's plan for tweeking the Preds next year:

1) See if Arnott will waive his NTC. To make a move for the self imposed cap, this should be the move. This goes against the character of Poile I know this. But this is if I was GM and I'm a *******.

2) Re-sign: Hornqvist, Boyd, Bouillon. They earned it and frankly, the only one I fear of regressing is Cube.

3) Bring up Geoffrion, Blum. Maybe we can get a spark on the PP. Hell, ANYTHING has to be better than this.

4) Look into signing Grebs. I have no friggin idea what his RFA number will be. He's stunk on ice with the oil and woke up a little in Nashville. He WAS at 3.1 million but I could see him signing for less. Trading his rights could be interesting.

5) Expect a defense with Weber, Suter, Grebs, Klein, Sulzer and Blum.

6) Say good bye to the guy who was the best thing on twitter. Dan Ellis is going to sign elsewhere. He's too good to be a back up. Say hello to cheap Vet UFA till Pickard or Smith are ready for the reins.

7) Hamhuis is gone and if I could trade his rights for picks I would.

As for the draft: Normally this would be the year Poile drafts a defensive minded forward, a bunch of offensive defensemen in the later round. This year. I can't see it. Last year's draft was so good that I think Poile will use this year to mix things up. Litterally, I would read Worst's guide, find the proper description, and bam. But this year's draft is going to be BPA and it might just shock those draft geeks like me. This is the year Poile takes a lot of gambles.

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