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04-27-2010, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by AlexKarlRobin View Post
But that is bull **** because a good league is crated with more money and more is rinks in Sweden to practice in so with a bigger league we can create more interest in the sport = More money and more is rinks.

So with your logic we should only have 2 teams in the league for better quality? for example now we don´t have any teams in Skåne land with 1,5-1,7 million that is really stupid from Stockholm with the same amount of people they create 60% of Swedish junior players in Hockey so their is a huge potential if more is rinks where built in Skåneland but then we needs interest and that is created of Elite-teams.

So with a bigger league more interest = more kids playing hockey a better league and a better national team but the Hockey League doesn´t care about growing hockey in Sweden

A good leauge is made by good teams and hockey.
Money, arenas and other things are important but the game is what matters.

I'm not debating hockeydevelopment in Sweden, I'm debating how we get the best SEL we possibly can and that is not by letting the quality standards of the game go over money or location.

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