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09-29-2003, 09:14 AM
Lanny MacDonald*
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Originally Posted by officeglen
Marc Savard doesn't belong in the same sentence - just look at what Savard was obtained for and what Comrie may go for.
Hilarious! Wanna take a look at their stats and say that with a straight face? Wanna listen to the pissing and moaning coming from the fans and what a terrible defensive player Comrie is, and say that with a straight face? Outside of age, the only place that Comrie has an advantage over Savard is in the goal scoring department, but Savard is better in the setup department. Oh, and of course Comrie does have an edge in the hold-out department, two-to-one.

Okay, if Savard is indeed, not worthy of being in the same sentence as Comrie (.69 versus .67 ppg aveage for the two players mind you) why are the Oilers not willing to cough up the dough to sign the diminutive superstar??? If Savard is worth $2 million a season, then Comrie is definitely worth the $3.5 to 4.5 he's asking, right? I think its time for some people here to do some soul searching and realize just where Mike Comrie's value is, and just what a potential return there is waiting out there.

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