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04-28-2010, 01:43 AM
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Originally Posted by LiveeviL View Post
This is typical for Sweden's relation towards her neighbours in sports and otherwise. All of our neighbours, especially Finland and Norway care a lot about Sweden; while Swedes really don't care much about them -- which infuriates them further on the issue they have.
This comment made me laugh.

It's like us in Canada the U.S. gets all hot n bothered to beat us, but we don't really give a damn or even take them seriously, a certain recent overtime medal game notwithstanding.

It looks like a bit of a consensus is building that

Sweden's main international rival is Canada

but let's see if that really builds to a firm consensus.

and p.s. I grew up in Winnipeg watching Hedberg & Nilsson play with Bobby Hull in fact, Anders lived down my backlane and we played ball hockey with him once or twice. totally great guy.
but it was this early international influence when we Western Canadians first started to learn that other nations played hockey too. from the Canada-Russia Summit '72 through all the Euros coming to the WHA and NHL during the 70s it made me a very open hockey fan I learned very early to judge players by how they play and not by where they're from.

and not to get further off topic, but boy, wasn't that some great hockey in these Olympics?!

it's hard to give a damn about any NHL team after watching people reunited and playing with their homies, for free, and for their homelands. Best hockey there is, to my eyes.

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