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04-28-2010, 04:12 AM
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Originally Posted by KRM View Post
lol, since when does Skåne have 1,7 million inhabitants?
No i said Skåne land (Skåne,Halland,Blekinge) Skåne has ca1,2m but when including Halland and Blekinge it is ca1,7m.

And more teams do not have to mean lower quality standards of the game if you grow the junior side but for that you need to have Teams in no traditional markets in Southern Sweden and that is not happening with out more teams.

Now they have in the 3 teams in the 3 regions in Sweden Where the majority of the population lives Mälardalen(2,7mil) 2teams(Dif,Aik) Västra Götalands län(1,5mil) 1team(VF) Skåneland(1,6) 0teams and if we throw in Dalarna we have 6,1 million with 3 teams and 9 teams on 3mil.

So what i want to say is if we want more money and more kids playing (a better league Hockey) we need to expand to the where pepole lives.

A: How do we improve SEL, especially with the emergence, and big bucks, of KHL?
We have to include the areas where people live =More sponsor money, More Tv money = better players

B: How do we improve Swedish hockey in general? We have to include the no traditional areas in southern Sweden= more ice rinks more kids playing.

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