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04-28-2010, 08:18 AM
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^^^ To turn this around, how do you know they don't want him to turn pro? Has someone talked to you and given you direct info? If so, then say it. If not, then shut the **** up and get the hell out. If you don't have the balls to do more than insinuate then don't say anything

Originally Posted by Chuck Schwartz View Post
Well don't believe everything you hear.
Don't do this. If you have information or a source, then say it. Don't ***** foot around and act like you know something if you're not willing to actually man up and say it.

As for the AHL, if you're going to be in the AHL, you might as well stay in school. I think if Ryan knew for a fact that he had a spot in the NHL full time and he was going to make that rookie max then he would do it, but at this time with no guarantee why sit in the minors and hump buses for 60k a year while you can live the dream and finish your degree as the captain of Wisconsin?
Because the AHL will prepare you for your pro career and college won't. If he needs to work on things to make it in the NHL, chances are another year in college isn't going to help that.

I can only look at it from the perspective that I believe I would have in that situation. If I was a well regarded NHL prospect and the choice was "go the NHL, maybe have to play in the AHL for awhile" or "stay another year in college" I'd make the jump to turn pro. Why? Because a pro hockey career is a much bigger thing than college, especially if I had already spent 3 years in school and was considered one of the best players at my position in college hockey.

Playing pro > being captain of a college team. But then again, I have the benefit of years out of college to realize that college was fun, but not the end all of life.

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