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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
But it's false to necessarily assume that the two are mutually exclusive. I would like to see him leave school because I'm a Rangers fan and therefore want him in the NHL sooner and to have a longer career. If I were his father or agent, I would like to see him leave school sooner because I care about the kid and his career and I would therefore want him in the NHL sooner and to have a longer career.

Speaking as a 39 year old, the ol' body only gives you so many good years. What a stupid thing to do to stay an extra year in college if it could delay your career even one year. You're wasting what could be 1/15 or 1/10 or even 1/5 (if you suffer a Kloucek like injury) of your total time in the NHL. You can always finish the degree over the summers (especially since it's only one year) or after your career is over. And I promise you the partying as a professional athlete playing for the NY Rangers would be at least as good as that in Madison - just take a look at the "Boyle and MDZ bro-ing out thread" and the " MDZ dating some model" thread, etc.
Who's to say he can't just as easily be injured in the AHL or NHL? I'd even go as far as to say it's more likely he'd be injured playing professionally. I don't think that should be a decision maker at all.

His father and agent can want him to do any number of things, but that doesn't mean Ryan wants to do it. He may feel that getting his degree and finishing his college career is the right path for him, and that could be due to any number of reasons.

As fans, we assume to know exactly what the right path is for a players development, but we also have an underlying desire to get them NHL ready asap. He probably knows where he is in his development better than we do.

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