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04-28-2010, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
I'm "clearly" a rabid Bauer fan why? Because I said they were the industry leader in skate innovation? They are! Easton was the first mainstream with a composite boot but Bauer took it to a different level with the one90. The one90 was a fully heat moldable skate meant to eliminate negative space to give the best fit possible. The skates were lower cut and had a flexible tendon guard to help with the toe "flick" something no one else was doing. Then they stepped it up with the one95, making it fit more people and improving the materials and changing the holders(from a bust of a holder). All the while Easton is trying to fix durability issues and going no where. CCM is working on bringing out the U+ which was a disaster. Reebok did nothing. Graf effectively put a carbon fibre hood on a a 1990 Mazda Miata and is charging comparative high-end prices. Then the totalOne comes out, reflex inserts in the tongue, lower cut boot, rearranged eyelets, fusion steel(to reduce weight), different liner and improved internal materials. All improvements that no other skate company have been able to keep up with. Right now everyone is stuck at the one90 level, at best, the only company that was ahead of Bauer was Kor. Kor is no longer around... So that leaves one leader, Bauer.

BUT, that's not the point. I never knocked on Graf about technology until you made the comment about performance. The main issue with Graf isn't the lack of technology, it's the customer service and horrible quality control. I've already had one dealer already send me a message thanking me for saying what he couldn't publically say.
yea grafs customer service is awful. my brother had a pair of graf 7 series like 8 years ago and something broke on them right away, i think the holder or something, so the place where we bought them (the hockey shop in binghamton ny) had a huge problem trying to get graf to replace them and it took a long time, all the while my brother stuck with his old skates after spending 700 on their skates all because they wouldnt replace them without a fight

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