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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
that right there tells me you are living in ea sports land building a team. check tanguay, the guy was trash playing with st. louis and stamkos and eventually was a 4th liner. what will he produce with snithson and goc?

and jokinen is your classic locker room cancer. every team he leaves gets better. florida dealt him to pho and florida made a push for the playoffs. pho trades him to calgary, look at them this year. calgary trades him and gives a nice run after sucking for most of the year with him. what did he do in new york? they were a playoff team wehn he was traded and then finished 9th.

i'm not denying his talent. but what is between his ears is just as important as his pretty little stats on a video game

Tanguay did suck last season. Totally agree! Which is why he may be a solid guy to grab, he could be in for a big turnaround this upcoming season! He is only 30 years old and has proven in countless seasons he is more tahn capable offensively. I have him high on my list because I think he is going to get a decrease in pay big time and could be affordable for us. Read down for his stats (GP,G,A,P) over the previous 4 seasons before last seasons disaster.

2005-06 - 71 29 49 78
2006-07 - 81 22 59 81
2007-08 - 78 18 40 58
2008-09 - 50 16 25 41

He has shown tons of skill, look at the numbers, it would not be the first time a star player has had an off year than tore it up the next year. Could be had for great cost and woudl get alot more ice time in Nashville.

As far as Jokinen goes, I guess your right, it would certainly suck having a guy on our team that in the last 5 seasons has posted a 91 point season, a 89 point season and a 71 point season. That kind of guy would never help our offense.

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