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04-28-2010, 04:00 PM
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Exceptional Game 7 Success + Other Factors= HABS WIN GAME 7

I did some quick research on the players acquired last summer as part of the Habs new leadership core.

When you examine their record in pressure packed Stanley Cup Game 7's, it is quite remarkable.

Brian Gionta (2-1 all time) 2002-2003 Playoffs NJ Beat Ottawa and Anaheim in 7
2008-2009 Playoffs NJ Lost to Carolina in 7)

Hal Gill (2-0 all time) 2008-2009 Pitt Beat the CAPS in 7
Pitt beat the Red Wings in 7)

Travis Moen (1-0) 2005-2006 ANA beat Calgary in 7

Scott Gomez (4-2 all time) 1999-2000 NJ beat PHI in 7
2000-2001 NJ beat TOR in 7
2000-2001 NJ lost to COL in 7
2002-2003 Playoffs NJ Beat Ottawa and Anaheim in 7
2008-2009 Playoffs NJ Lost to Carolina in 7)

Add it up folks and that is a combined 9-3

I am NOT saying the Habs have a 75% chance of winning.

What I am saying is that they have a core of calm,veteran players who have been exceptional in the past at handling the pressure.

Love him or hate him...Hal Gill has been great in the playoffs. Even the recently unemployed Georges Laraque said Gill is a vocal dressing room leader who keeps his teammates upbeat.

Laraque also said Gionta is a tremendous "lead by example" guy.

In my gut, I am anxious and nervous, just like many others across Canada and around the world.

Something tells me that calm demeanor of the leaders and Martin will pay off.
The Habs have PROVEN Game 7 winners.
Washington has all the pressure,all the turmoil and all the questions (where's Semin? How can we beat Halak? What's wrong with the PP?)

In addition, the Habs have few players who have truly disappointed so far. There are many,many more passengers on the teetering Capitals ship.

Among the forwards, Cammalleri has been awesome, Plekanec has been great. Who would believe they would have ONE fewer point than Backstrom and Ovechkin combined?

The Poti injury is HUGE for the Caps. They are now seriously de-stabilized in a back end that already has some holes.

The Habs have the quiet MONSTER Andrei Markov. Play him 30 minutes. There is NO ONE the CAPS can play 30 minutes without paying the price.

Bruce Boudreau is so hyper and excitable that he turns purple over calls the Caps GET and whines over ones they don't. The media has him rattled. If they get down HE will panic and that panic will spread to his players.

Like him or hate him,Martin has been his same stoic self. This is a huge advantage in a game 7. Martin and Muller will not panic. They will work to make in-game adjustments (and outsmart Bruce in the process).

Add it up, my fellow fanatics of the Greatest Professional Team in All of Hockey History.

Add it up and Game 7 belongs to LES CANADIENS

Go Habs Go! Go Habs Go!

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