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04-28-2010, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by The ORB View Post
As for your second point. TBLfan called Graf a bottomfeeder and then stated that Graf Canada is a joke. His words not mine! He took the opportunity to turn a Graf thread into a Bauer infomercial with a healthy slice of Graf bashing.

I think a lot of the advances Bauer are making are great and doubtless filter through the industry, but some of it is a little overblown with marketing hype and still doesn't address the issues that Bauers don't fit everyone very well.

It's certainly not Bauer bashing, its not Canada chest thumping (dont know how our buddy stick9 conjured that one up) its just an appreciation of Graf making a great product. Nothing more.
My bad, I ran a search using a space between "bottom" and "feeder". While not the nicest term, it's still accurate. Their numbers are on the bottom at both the retail and pro level. However, this doesn't necessarily mean they're not comfortable where they are. They don't spend nearly as much on r&d and marketing therefore they're not going to need to make up as much at the retail level.

All-in-all I thin both companies are meeting their expectations. Bauer wants to be #1 in the market while being the catalyst in innovation catering to the vast majority of players and Graf looks like it wants to offer a wide range of fitting available in both traditional and somewhat modern constructions. Yes, they make other products, but they're not their main focus.

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